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PET sheets are high quality, environmentally friendly extruded solid plastic sheets made from amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate. This product offers a combination of mechanical thermal and chemical properties like no other material. Available as clear transparent, coloured transparent and white opal sheets with a glossy or textured surface. PET has over 200 times the strength of standard float glass and guaranteed weather resistant.p>

This polymer is a major development in the world of plastic sheets. Plastics Direct has considered it important to include PET in its current range of products to be offered to its customers.

The Environment is an important factor in the UK today. PET is an environmentally friendly plastic, recognised by the Groundwork Trust and various government health authorities, it is a pure natural product, non toxic & fully recyclable, it has a much higher demand for recycling than other plastics.

If you are looking for a sheet a plastic for easy graffiti removal, high impact resistance, class 1 fire rating , excellent UV resistance & to be friendly to the environment, then look no further than Nudec PET…

Nudec PET technical data sheet

Case Study

Design Calculations

Fire Certification

Fields of application:

  • Security Glazing
  • Lighting panels
  • Urban development & public buildings
  • Street furniture (Vandal proof)
  • Signs
  • Advertising & information
  • Sanitryware