plastics_rotator1 plastics_rotator2 plastics_rotator3 plastics_rotator4 ASOP2 FLAT TOP ALUMINIUM FIXING 25 X 13 SATIN Full Fixings Range MACHINED K-sheet Twinflute hips2 PALOPAQUE-v2 canopy FOAM PVC FABRICATION 1 3MM GREEN MATT FOAM PVC FABRICATION
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Plastics Direct Limited are now offering a sustainable alternative to imported plywood made from 100% mixed waste plastic. Ecosheet is operationally, commercially and environmentally a superior choice. The sheets are manufactured using a cutting-edge new technology which enables sheets to be manufactured from low-grade, mixed waste-plastics – materials which are notoriously hard to recycle and therefore invariably end up being land-filled or incinerated. The sheets measure 2440mm x 1220mm x 18mm and weigh 32kg each. They are strong, rigid, and will not rot so are perfect for outdoor use. No painting or treatment is required to protect the sheets, but the sheets can be painted. The sheets offer high fixing strength and can be nailed, screwed and glued, and the sheeting can be cut without splinters etc. Cut edges do not need to be resealed. Bulk discounts availible on request , Contact plastics Direct sales team today to start saving money and looking after the environment.