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HIPS - High Impact Polystyrene, it is a tough, rigid plastic material with high impact strength which can be guillotined, punched, routered or sawn easily, and is readily available in a wide variety of colours. Used widely for toys, packaging, signs, kicking plates, display and point of sale. If you are looking for a particular coloured plastic with good impact properties then HIPS is a first choice material. Polystyrene is particularly suitable for thermoforming meaning various shapes and objects can be produced from this material.

Sheet sizes currently in stock :

1372mm x 660mm x 1mm (White) 1200mm x 1000mm x 1.8mm (Various colours) 1200mm x 1000mm x 3mm (Various colours)

High Impact Polystyrene Technical data

Fields of application:

  • Kicking plates
  • Point of sale
  • Indoor signage
  • Showcases
  • Packaging inserts
  • Automotive
  • Refrigeration

Available colours

  • Paper white
  • White
  • Slate blue
  • Mid grey
  • Light green
  • Black
  • Coffee brown
  • Yellow
  • Dark grey
  • Pearl grey
  • Burgundy
  • Red
  • Dark blue
  • Light blue
  • Dark green
  • Sage green
  • Ivory
  • Manhattan grey
  • Chocolate
  • Anthracite grey
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High Impact Polystyrene Sheets

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