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Extruded Acrylic is a useful, clear plastic that resembles glass, but has properties that make it superior to glass in many ways.

It is used to make various products, such as shower doors, bath enclosures, windows and skylights. It is chosen over glass for many reasons. It is a great deal stronger than glass, making it much more impact resistant and therefore safer. Falling against an acrylic shower door will not likely break it. Footballs that crash through glass windows will, in most cases, bounce off acrylic windows. Acrylic also insulates better than glass, potentially saving on heating bills.

Another great advantage of acrylic is that it is half the weight of glass, this makes working with acrylic much easier, it can also be sawn, whereas glass must be scored.

Adding to this favourable array of properties, a transparency rate of 93% makes acrylic the clearest material known. Very thick glass will have a green tint, while acrylic remains clear.

A unique property of plastic is its ability to be shaped. Bow-front aquariums are beautiful examples of acrylic's wonderful properties. There are also no seams in acrylic structures, as chemical welding at the molecular level actually "melts" seams into one piece of solid material. Seams that are welded and polished are invisible. There are some misconceptions about acrylic, namely that it yellows, turns brittle and cracks over time. Though this might be true of very cheap forms of plastic, it is not so with acrylic. For example, the fighter planes of WWII have acrylic bubble-tops. Aeroplane windows are also acrylic.

If taken care of, acrylic remains new looking regardless of age or exposure to sun. Some people worry that acrylic scratches too easily, but unlike glass, scratches can be easily buffed out of acrylic. Today, acrylic is used more than ever, virtually all major public aquariums now build display tanks out of acrylic.

You will also find acrylic in shopping centres, institutions, prisons, hospitals and commercial buildings. The Presidential motorcade, the Pope's booth-vehicle, teller enclosures and drive-through window enclosures all feature acrylic. If upgrading the windows in your house, remodelling your bathroom, or adding a beautiful aquarium, consider acrylic. It may cost a little more than glass, but its sheer clarity, light weight and insulating properties make it a superior choice for many applications Extruded Acrylic technical data sheet


Fields of application:

  • Acrylic fabrication
  • Signs: Illuminated signs
  • Advertising panels
  • Light diffusers
  • Urban development & public buildings
  • Street furniture
  • Glazing
  • Doors
  • Skylights
  • Baths, shower trays
  • Number plates
  • Lighting Sunbeds
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Extruded Acrylic Sheets

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