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Alupanel XT is the 21st century solution for creating beautiful & cost effective cladding from Aluminium composite panels. It is an extra rigid material which although has outstanding flatness properties, can still be fabricated into shapes and profiles when required.

Alupanel XT is built around a thermoplastic core, (2-5mm) bonded to which are two sheets of aluminium (0.5mm), using a sophisticated process involving chemical adhesives and high temperatures.

The outward facing sheet is coated with a 30 micron layer Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVdf) paint. A robust coating which is highly resistant to corrosive atmospheric conditions, solvents, acids, UV, heat & low smoke exposure.

The reverse side of Alupanel XT is covered with a PE primer finish which prevents any contact between the aluminium and the atmosphere, protecting it against corrosion.

The core material of Alupanel XT is produced from the first grade polyethylene which is formed into sheets by extrusion process. Alupanel XT is available between 3mm & 6mm (thicker on request) and in a vast colour range.

Alupanel LITE is an Aluminium Composite Panel designed for use in advertising, signmaking and other projects where high load-bearing capacity is not required.

Featuring the outstanding Alupanel quality coating in matt and high gloss finish; Alupanel LITE has at its core our standard first class PE thermoplastic material.

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Alupanel Sheets

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